About Me

I'm Peter. I'm a seasoned Dutch photographer and filmmaker living in the Netherlands in a small village called Sprang Capelle. I love to work with images and people. That's why I like to combine the two in documentary style kind of work. My passion is to make revealing in depth film stories.



Besides being a filmmaker I've also been working as a professional photographer. My work is very diverse: from studio work to portraits to film. I've worked for Nieuwe Revu, Panorama, AD-Magazine, NRC-magazine (The Netherlands) and Stern, Der Spiegel, Focus, Zeitmagazin (Germany) and many more. I have been awarded many prizes amongst others a World Press Award and a European News Paper Award. If you are interested in my photo work visit me at www.peterblok.nl/photo.


Feel free to contact me about anything related to my work. Are you interested in working together? Do you want to know more about my future projects and plans? Or do you just want to drop by sometime and have a cup of coffee?

Mail me at: peterblok@peterblok.nl

Or phone me: +31653182944